Capture stamps second time lucky
7 September 2023

Scott base stamp collection: Home on Ross Island

Scott Base was designed to have a short life, but it didn't take long for the little research station to defy the odds and reshape its destiny. It was originally designed to support the British Trans-Antarctic (TAE) and Internati… Read More

Scott Base AA sign by Anthony Powell medium
1 September 2023

Community Engagement Programme applications are open!

We’re back! After a three-year hiatus due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Antarctica New Zealand is re-opening the Community Engagement Programme (CEP). This unique programme allows media, artists, educators and writers to visit Antarc… Read More

2023 Scott Base Midwinter Dinner Team Photos
29 June 2023

SBR Update | June 2023

Mid-winter is a special time in Antarctica - it signals the half way point of the long winter months and that we are one step closer to the first sunrise. Read More

Last sunset
6 June 2023

Feeling sad or SAD? Lessons from Antarctica on how to get through winter

It’s 9am in Antarctica and Greg Kukutai has taken his laptop outside into absolute darkness. In -45C conditions, the winter leader of Scott Base pans the camera about to show, well, not much. The lights of the base are blazing bu… Read More

Starlink install at Scott Base Credit Ed Anscombe
29 April 2023

Connecting with Scott Base now easier after Starlink installed

Connecting with Antarctica is now easier than ever with Starlink bringing a whole new world of communication. Read More

Starlink kit on its perch at Scott Base Credit Ed Anscombe
28 April 2023

Starlink for Scott Base – but no phones during dinner!

New Zealand’s remotest outpost is now just a video call away with Antarctica New Zealand installing Starlink at Scott Base to improve connectivity. The aim is to give scientists access to modern digital software tools while they … Read More