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27 October 2020

Can kids ace our base?

It’s been designed by an international team of polar experts, and now Antarctica New Zealand wants Kiwi kids to have a crack at building the new Scott Base! Ace the Base is launching at the International Antarctic Centre today, a… Read More

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7 October 2020

Webinar | Are we on the cusp of a healthy building revolution? Wellbeing, workplaces and the new normal

Healthy places for people have recently been thrust onto the wellbeing frontline. In this webinar, Senior Project Manager Simon Shelton joins Nadine Higgins, Carolyn Cox, Graeme Finaly and Richard Hilder to discuss how we can mak… Read More

Image Redevelopment
7 October 2020

Presentation | Designing and validating a sustainable Antarctic station

Peter Taylor, Antarctica New Zealand, presents the key environmental elements considered while designing and validating a sustainable Antarctic station.Antarctica New Zealand is currently designing a new Antarctic station to repl… Read More

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7 October 2020

Presentation | Antarctic Station Modernization: Future‐proofing Infrastructure

Simon Shelton, Antarctica New Zealand, and Hugh Broughton from Jasmax-Hugh Broughton Architects present the largest project ever undertaken by Antarctica New Zealand.The Scott Base Redevelopment project aims to provide a fit-for-… Read More

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28 September 2020

Stuff | Antarctica NZ planning for sea level rise – and fall – at Scott Base

Antarctica New Zealand should expect the sea level at Scott Base will rise as much as 1.64 metres over the next 100 years, according to a newly released report.A more optimistic projection in the report put sea level rise at 1.15… Read More