Ross island website
5 December 2019

Tsunami report for Scott Base

An earthquake originating in Mexico could be the most likely cause of a tsunami that would impact New Zealand’s presence in Antarctica, a study shows. Antarctica New Zealand commissioned a tsunami hazard study to inform the plan… Read More

Artists impression proposed Scott Base Medium
23 September 2019

Could you build our base in Antarctica?

Antarctica New Zealand is looking for a construction partner for the Scott Base Redevelopment project. But this is a job interview with a difference: the selection process involves a trip to Antarctica. “This is no junket though… Read More

SB concept
5 July 2019

Antarctica's Scott Base to get $250 million upgrade

New Zealand's Antarctic scientific outpost, Scott Base, is set for a major multi-million dollar redevelopment. Designs for the new-look, 10,000 square metre complex have been unveiled today. The $250 million dollar scientific com… Read More

Scott Base preferred design
28 June 2019

First look at our coolest redevelopment

Antarctica New Zealand is delighted to share what a new Scott Base could look like. As part of Budget 2019 the Government has committed $18.5 million for the next phase of the Scott Base Redevelopment project. This funding, whi… Read More

Current Scott Base
14 January 2019

Jamie Morton's Antarctic Diary: Why Kiwis come to Scott Base

Herald science reporter Jamie Morton gives an insight into life at New Zealand's Scott Base research station. Read More