Presentation | Designing and validating a sustainable Antarctic station

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7 October 2020

Peter Taylor, Antarctica New Zealand, presents the key environmental elements considered while designing and validating a sustainable Antarctic station.

Antarctica New Zealand is currently designing a new Antarctic station to replace the current aging station, Scott Base. The Scott Base Redevelopment project has key environmental and sustainability requirements, one of which is an independent accreditation of sustainable design.

The project will integrate innovative architectural elements, energy efficiency, occupant health and well-being, and demonstrate leadership in sustainability. Antarctica New Zealand is currently working through the developed design and analysing options for logistics and construction methodologies ranging from traditional build on site, to a full build off continent and a ‘big lift’ ship carrying the pre-assembled station to Antarctica.

To demonstrate leadership in sustainability, a sustainability accreditation program that is both robust and specific for the Antarctic built environment is required. As no such program existed in New Zealand, one was developed in collaboration with the New Zealand Green Building Council. A bespoke Green Star Custom Tool for the design and as-built accreditation scheme was the result.

The Green Star Custom Tool encourages practices that reduce the project’s contribution to climate change, enhance the health and well-being of inhabitants, ensure high performance of buildings, and contribute to market transformation (being an innovator of new sustainable technology to support market exposure).

This presentation will provide an insight into the development of this tool, and discuss the strategies Antarctica New Zealand is developing to minimise its environmental impact throughout the Scott Base Redevelopment. The potential for the collaborative development of Antarctic sustainable rating systems will be introduced.

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