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“Antarctica has intrinsic value as a natural reserve, devoted to peace and science. New Zealand, guided by manaakitanga, is committed to preserving and protecting Antarctica and the Southern Ocean for present and future generations.”

New Zealand’s Statement of Commitment to Antarctica and the Southern Ocean (2019)

Comprehensive Environmental Evaluation

Antarctica New Zealand is committed to minimising the Redevelopment’s impact on the environment.

The Minister for Foreign Affairs, Hon. Nanaia Mahuta has approved the Comprehensive Environmental Evaluation (CEE) for the Scott Base Redevelopment. In doing so, Antarctica New Zealand has been issued a Permit to rebuild Aotearoa New Zealand’s home on the ice.

The CEE explains how and when Antarctica New Zealand will deliver the Scott Base Redevelopment project and upgrade the Ross Island wind farm. It outlines the steps we’ll take to manage, minimise and monitor the project’s impacts on the environment.

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Green Star

The sustainability of the new base will be measured by a custom Green Star tool which takes the harsh realities of the Antarctic environment into account.

An independent review of the redevelopment will enable Antarctica New Zealand to maximise opportunities to design, construct and operate the new base in an efficient and sustainable way.

The tool encourages the use of more sustainable materials, reduced waste, and more efficient systems designed to lower energy use. It promotes practices that would lower the new base’s contribution to climate change and enhance the health and wellbeing of the people living and working at Scott Base.


Future-proofing Antarctic infrastructure