Starlink install at Scott Base Credit Ed Anscombe
29 April 2023

Connecting with Scott Base now easier after Starlink installed

Connecting with Antarctica is now easier than ever with Starlink bringing a whole new world of communication. Read More

Starlink kit on its perch at Scott Base Credit Ed Anscombe
28 April 2023

Starlink for Scott Base – but no phones during dinner!

New Zealand’s remotest outpost is now just a video call away with Antarctica New Zealand installing Starlink at Scott Base to improve connectivity. The aim is to give scientists access to modern digital software tools while they … Read More

IMG 2540 2
21 April 2023

SBR Update | April 2023

The 2022-23 Antarctic season has drawn to a close. The final flight departed Phoenix Runway on 22 March, bringing the last of the summer crew home after months on the ice. Read More

Existing turbines at Crater Hill 2009 10 Credit George L Blaisdell
12 April 2023

Stuff | Wind turbine replacement project to power Antarctica's Scott Base

Three new wind turbines will sail to Ross Island, Antarctica, next summer to power the new Scott Base development. Read More

Existing turbines at Crater Hill 2019 20
12 April 2023

New turbines for the windiest continent

Ross Island, Antarctica is set to receive three new state-of-the-art wind turbines that will power the future Scott Base with more than 90% renewable energy. Three EWT turbines (type DW54X-1MW) have been selected to replace the t… Read More

IMG 8720 Large
5 April 2023

9 News | Perth man braves freezing Antarctic winter night to capture natural spectacle

Venturing into the icy tundra of Antarctica, Matthew Jordan braced himself against the -29 degree cold, for he, with camera in hand, was on a mission. The Perth man was about to capture one of nature's most dazzling spectacles, w… Read More