Update 2: Scott Base Redevelopment

Dan Poulton SB Aerial photo Feb 2019
23 February 2024

Antarctica New Zealand could not reach agreement on commercial terms with Leighs Construction for the Scott Base Redevelopment, so is undertaking an options analysis to progress the project within the available budget. These options include a revision of the current design, while maintaining user requirements and business case benefits.

The Antarctica New Zealand Board received a report from the Options Working Group Chair recommending a number of possible changes including methodology and further value engineering. The Board has requested these options be refined and costed, ensuring they are within the overall project budget as agreed in Budget 2023 and as close to the original delivery schedule as possible. It’s hoped that a revised project plan will be agreed by May 2024. Antarctica New Zealand looks forward to sharing the outcome once a decision has been made on a final recommendation.

Antarctica New Zealand is carrying out works at Scott Base in preparation for a recommended option. Work on the replacement of the Ross Island Wind Energy system continues as planned.

Maintaining a presence in Antarctica is of strategic importance to New Zealand. Antarctica New Zealand is committed to the safe and successful delivery of a redevelopment project that will allow New Zealand to continue its presence and Antarctic research programme for another 50+ years.

Antarctica New Zealand supported a full 2023/24 research season which was unaffected by the options analysis process. It is imperative that Antarctic and Southern Ocean science continues to investigate how the continent and its ecosystems will be impacted by climate change, and how those changes will influence the rest of the planet.