Antarctica is the coldest and driest place on Earth. Operating safely and effectively in an environment this extreme is challenging.

Construction and Logistics

Due to the remote location and short summer period, the window to build in Antarctica is small.

The plan is to pre-construct all buildings at PrimePort Timaru in New Zealand and ship them to Antarctica on a large heavy transport vessel in eight large modular sections.

Construction in New Zealand is expected to begin in 2022/23.

Specialised trailers will be used to transport the building sections on and off the vessel and into final position at Scott Base.

The existing base will be deconstructed and returned to New Zealand, along with all waste, equipment and materials.

The new base is planned to be up and running in 2028.

Prime Port Timaru

Temporary Base

Antarctica New Zealand will operate out of a Temporary Base during the construction period to allow science and operations to continue. The temporary base will include accommodation, office and operations facilities for a three to four year period during construction.

As much of the existing base as possible will be utilised to minimise health and safety risks, limit the amount of infrastructure required, and reduce costs.

SB pressure ridges by Antz Powell

Antarctica New Zealand's largest project

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